Lithium Battery technology

Lithium Battery Company manufactures custom batteries using cutting-edge technology to harness the maximum power of lithium-ion batteries.

Our propriety advanced Battery Management System gives you complete power control with increased safety measures.
Industrial Sensors

Turn-Key Solutions

Custom Lithium-Ion Batteries In Any Shape or Size
Product Development & Design
Quality Controlled Assembly
Kitted Solutions: Chargers and Complete Power Box Solutions
Time Sensitive Delivery Logistics

We manufacture batteries and create battery solutions specifically for your application. Whether it’s a new or existing product design, we can scale production and meet production deadlines.

Our battery systems are equipped with kitted solutions, such as chargers and communication software, for increased performance and cycle life.

Custom Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

Our Process

We work closely with you on design all the way through production. We start by producing high-quality cells in the perfect shape or size for your requirements. We then add a smart BMS with increased safety protection along with communication capabilities. 


We design and manufacture high-quality cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch cells tested in accordance with:


Our Battery Management System (BMS) harnesses the full power potential of your battery with increased safety functions. Get a BMS with communication capable of remote access technical support.


Get the highest quality control. Once designed, we manufacture the battery assembly in accordance with:

Exclusively Designed
for Power-Pole

Total Battery Control at your fingertips
Easy Installation
5 Year Warranty
Don’t Die Batteries charge on the run with

Coming Soon Summer 2021: Full-boat Integration

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About Lithium Battery Company

The Lithium Battery Company Intl. was established in 2014 with a vision to innovate battery manufacturing. With research, development, and cutting-edge technology we have released the full potential of customizable lithium-ion batteries. Serving all industries, our team of battery experts are dedicated to solving any power need.

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